Thursday, December 01, 2011

The Pondering Heart . . . if I could ask her . . . 12/1/11

Dear Holy Friends,
This time of year we could easily lose our focus on the meaning of the season. Today I want to ponder a few things in my heart the way Jesus' mother did. I was thinking about things I would ask her if I could. Here is the short list.
In his Grip, Chandra
If I could Ask her
If I could ask her
what would I say?
Would I ask about
the weather on that day?
Or maybe what she felt
when the angel called her name?
Did she understand her life
would never be the same?
Was the pregnancy easy
since she carried God's Son?
Were her pains reduced
for the Holy One?
What was it like
nursing the baby boy?
Did rocking Him bring
amazing mother's joy?
And as He grew
did you see the signs?
Did you ever question
the wisdom of God's design?
This time of year I ponder
you, the mother of my Lord.
I wish I could thank you
for giving birth to the Word.
~Chandra Lynn Smith, 12/1/11~

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