Monday, December 05, 2011

the pondering heart . . .joseph musing . . .12/5/11

Dear Holy Friends,
I sat here this morning, thinking of Joseph and tried to write some, I didn;'t like the way it was going. So, I shall get back to that later. Today I will post one of my poems about Joseph that I wrote a few years ago.
In His Grip, Chandra
Joseph Musing

Believe her? Dare I trust?

something tells me I must.

Angel visit? Yeah right.

Yet I know what I saw last night.

Marry her anyway? Father this child?

This is crazy, it's too wild.

Says she's pure and it's God's Son?

Her baby is prophesied one?

How do we tell others? What will they say?

Life was simpler yesterday.

Is she worried? Is she afraid?

I must be true to promises I have made.

Is this an honor? or maybe a task?

So many questions I want to ask.

God are you there? Will you stay?

I need You to show me the way.

Go to her. Hold her tight.

Trust God will make everything all right.


~Chandra Lynn Smith~

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