Book Reviews

The Raven Saint

By; M.L. Tyndall

MaryLu Tyndall has rapidly become one of my favorite authors. The Raven Saint is book three in the Charlestown Belles Series and it could well be my favorite.

Grace Westcott lives a peaceful life serving God by helping the poor and trying to steer the souls of her wayward sisters. She is sure of herself, her faith, and her God, until the day a French mercenary kidnaps her. Captain Rafe Dubois informs her she is to be sold to a Spanish Don in Colombia. While Grace fears the ramifications of this she tries to believe God has an ultimate plan for her.

Rafe Dubois spent his life as a mercenary avoiding the riches of his inheritance and a tyrannical father. Rafe is known on his home island as a man who gives his bounty to the poor and promises large sums of money to an orphanage. The money he will receive for Miss Westcott will fulfill that promise.

Neither of them is prepared for the other. Or love. Can Grace learn that it is her own faith that needs an upheaval? Can Captain Rafe learn that Grace's God is really there for him too? Can Love save them both as their hearts learn to love each other?

MaryLu Tyndall weaves wonderful stories filled with love and intrigue, despair and hope, grace and mercy. I could almost feel the ocean breezes and smell the salty air. I highly recommend this book. I also highly recommend the first two books in the series, The Red Siren, and The Blue Enchantress. You'll be hooked on them. Then you'll want to go out and pick up her other books, too.