Thursday, November 18, 2010

Just For Today . . . Rhythms . . 11/18/10

Dear Holy Friends,
    This is one of those times of year when nature appears fickle. One day is cold and frosty and the next is sunny and warm, then the cold rains fall. It is like nature has it's syncopation mixed up. But God created the rhythms and has all of them in control. We would do well to keep that in mind.
In his Grip, Chandra Lynn Smith
The sun rises
at the end of every night
and in that rhythm
everything is right.
Ocean waves beat the shore
tides come in and go out
nothing stops the pattern
on that never doubt.
Seasons change in their time
that is always true
security is found in nature
emulates God's for you.
Winds blow, rains come
you know it will be
nature's patterns continue
despite what happens to you and me.
There is comfort in that
when the world falls apart
know the keeper of the rhythms
is also the keeper of your heart.
Chandra Lynn Smith