Friday, June 04, 2010

just for today . . .visible grace . . .6/4/10

Dear Holy Friends,
Most of you know that I see God more in nature than anything else. I think in my lifetime I have written more poems about nature than anything else. But how can someone look to creation and not see the Creator? It baffles me. Because His graceful hand shows us the meaning of Grace in all he created.
In his Graceful Grip, Chandra
Visible Grace
Without sunshine and rain
plants cannot grow.
Animals care for their young
but also let them go.
The sun rises and also sets
both every day.
In all of nature, good and bad
God shows us the way.
Life hold both sun and rain
days of joy, times of woe.
There's no freedom from trials
but His love never lets us go.
His hand weaves the beauty of nature
everywhere His grace we see.
It's most visible when invisible

inside a heart He just set free.

~Chandra Lynn Smith~