Monday, June 06, 2011

Just For Today . . .sometimes life . . . 6/6/2011

Dear Holy Friends,
    Since the middle of January I have been facing a long journey. It didn't stop me in my tracks but sure slowed me down. There are so many pieces to pick up while my father was ill, and since his death. I have filled journals, but not written much poetry. I am trying to start that again now too. However, poetry for me is always life-telling. So, what you read in the weeks to come may be more soul wrenching. But somehow, I bet there are some of you out there who need this kind of word too.
In His Grip, Chandra
sometimes life sucks it out of you,
the energy to work, write, sing,
you find there is no motivation
to do anything
in those moments you wonder
if God is even there
why doesn't He help you,
does He really care?
Some will tell you to buck up
you gotta work your way through
and there's no way to respond to them
they don't have a clue
others try to ignore and hope
the struggle will go away
they can't deal with your sorrow
wait for you to have a good day
but even in the hard times
when God feels absent
He sends along at least one friend
who comes and quietly sits
and in the quiet moments
He is there with you
His Spirit touching your heart
saying He will grow you through.
Chandra Lynn Smith, 6/6/2011
Chandra Lynn Smith

"we owe our readers fresh words to describe the rain" ~
By Cunning and Craft, pg 28~

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