Tuesday, November 29, 2011

The Pondering Heart . . .the days between . . .11/29/11

Dear Holy Friends,
My Christmas mugs and dishes are out. Other things will slowly find their places in the next two weeks. I love going to pick Adam up from wrestling each evening and seeing which houses have added their lights to the displays. Christmas is my magic as many of you know. That Jesus chose to leave royalty for me is overwhelming. And that is the heart of it. Whether he was born in December or July, is not nearly as important as the fact he was born. And that is what I celebrate, why I love the magic! So, here's to another year of The Pondering Heart poems.
In his Grip, chandra
the days between
thanksgiving ends
family goes back
leftovers are consumed
routines on track,
decorations go up
each day a few more
turkey replaced
with tinsel galore,
hustle and bustle
grumpy people seen
we can lose the magic
in the days in between,
advent means waiting
for the Savior to come
don't forget that part
when getting shopping done,
the carols, the lights, the candles
point to Christmas joy
we must never lose sight
the holiday is about the Boy . . .
~Chandra Lynn Smith, 11/29/11~

Monday, November 21, 2011

Just For Today . . . soul moments .. 11/21/11

Dear Holy Friends,
The clouds and rain today are so very typical of Thanksgiving week in this part of PA. So, typical that if it is a sunny week it feels out of place. But you know what, this dreary weather makes the whole cooking of things cozy! I wrote this poem on a sunny morning, obviously. But just wanted to send it today. Maybe today you will find your 'soul moments.'
In His Grip, Chandra


In the field I see diamonds

sparkling like sunlight

really they are spider webs

covered with dew overnight.

In the woods is gold

brilliant in its hue

really it is maple leaves

indicating fall is almost through.

In my yard I hear music

sweet songs touching my heart

really it is winter birds

heralding the season's start.

In my house there is beauty

and a soft enveloping peace

even in the chaos of family

their love makes trials cease.

In this life there are moments

God reaches into your soul

He desires to show you

His love is in control.

~Chandra Lynn Smith~

Friday, November 18, 2011

Just For Today . . . calm the storm or us . . . 11/18/11

Dear Holy Friends,
    This week has been a struggle. And something tells me I am not the only one who has struggled this week. Storms come to us in all sizes and forms. They blow us around and beat us up and tear into our hearts. At the end of a week like this my husband and I look at each other and say "It was a long month this week." Has your week been a long month? I need to remember when the storms are here he is with me. I need to run to Him before I vent. So, today's poem is about storms.
In His Grip, Chandra
Calming Storms Or Us
Is there a storm brewing in your life

that you asked Him to take away?

Are you filled with worry and stress

not sure what you should say?

Sometimes He chooses to calm the storm

and make the rough times cease.

Other times calming us in the midst of it

is how our faith will increase.

He is there beside you right now

will help you see it through.

He asks you give all of it to Him

don't rely so much on you.

When you open your heart and release

the storm into His hands.                                      

He'll either calm it or he'll calm you

as you trust in His plans.


~Chandra Lynn Smith, edited 11/18/11~

Thursday, November 17, 2011

JustFor Today . . . the last straw . . . 11/17/11

Dear Holy Friends,
Last night I slipped and fell in the mud. Landed on my pavers on my knees, right knee taking main impact, right achilles tendon stretched, left hamstring pulled, mud all over me. And I wanted to just stay in the mud and cry for a while. You know how it goes, it wasn't really about the mud, it was just that the mud was the last straw to an emotional day. So, this poem today is about 'last straws.'
In His Grip, Chandra
the last straw
when the last straw happens
what do you do
because it's not the straw
upsetting you,
you sit there in the mud
wipe a tear away
it's okay to ask what happened
to your day,
but in the middle of the mud
know you're not alone
God is in there with you
you're not on your own,
when the moment is over
He'll still be there
walking with you through the pain
forever in His care.
~Chandra Lynn Smith, 11/17/11~

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Just For Today .. .visiblew grace . . .11/16/11

dear Holy Friends,
It seems like a few more of my poems about his Grace are appropriate for right now. I know in the middle of difficult times, it is almost impossible to see the grace's abundance. But, we must try, because it is always there.
In His Grip, Chandra
Visible Grace
Without rain and sunshine
plants can't grow.
Animals care for their young
but must also let them go.

The sun rises and then sets

every single day.

In nature, both good and bad

God shows us the way.

You'll have sun and rain in life

days of joy and times of woe.

He never promised freedom from trials

just that His love will not let us go.

His hand weaves the beauty

all around His grace we see.

And nowhere is it more visible

than the moment it sets us free.

~Chandra Lynn Smith~

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Just For today . . .Invasion of grace . . .11/15/11

dear Holy friends,
My Pastor has a saying that has resonated with me from the first time I heard him say it. It is easy to have a day where the praise or the joy is elusive. And we just don't feel like even trying to find it. Pastor Scott says, "sometimes we have to act ourselves into a feeling." So, this week before Thanksgiving, I shall focus on poems about grace and praise. Some of you will recognize some of them. I hope to submit a few new ones too. Happy Tuesday.
In His Grip, Chandra
Invasion of Grace
On a church pew
in the morning dew
on a bench in the park
alone in the dark
at home or workplace
an invasion of grace.
The man with tattoos
stories on the news
the songs of the birds
reading the Word
a tear on the face
an invasion of grace.
He is always there
He will always care
no matter what you do
He is there too
creating a space
for the invasion of grace
~Chandra Lynn Smith~

Friday, November 11, 2011

Just For Today . . . thank you . . . 11/11/11

dear Holy Friends,
I know I haven't been as faithful with my poetry this year as usual. I apologize. I hope to do better in the days to come. Here is my poem in honor of Veteran's Day.
In His Grip, Chandra Lynn Smith
I can sit here and write
because they gave their lives.
I can complain and whine
because they gave their time.
I can walk free and strong
because their lives weren't long.
I can sleep tonight
because they won the fight.
I can say thank you
as we all should do.
Their service is for me
the reason I live free.
Chandra Lynn Smith, 11/10/11