Monday, November 21, 2011

Just For Today . . . soul moments .. 11/21/11

Dear Holy Friends,
The clouds and rain today are so very typical of Thanksgiving week in this part of PA. So, typical that if it is a sunny week it feels out of place. But you know what, this dreary weather makes the whole cooking of things cozy! I wrote this poem on a sunny morning, obviously. But just wanted to send it today. Maybe today you will find your 'soul moments.'
In His Grip, Chandra


In the field I see diamonds

sparkling like sunlight

really they are spider webs

covered with dew overnight.

In the woods is gold

brilliant in its hue

really it is maple leaves

indicating fall is almost through.

In my yard I hear music

sweet songs touching my heart

really it is winter birds

heralding the season's start.

In my house there is beauty

and a soft enveloping peace

even in the chaos of family

their love makes trials cease.

In this life there are moments

God reaches into your soul

He desires to show you

His love is in control.

~Chandra Lynn Smith~

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