Tuesday, November 29, 2011

The Pondering Heart . . .the days between . . .11/29/11

Dear Holy Friends,
My Christmas mugs and dishes are out. Other things will slowly find their places in the next two weeks. I love going to pick Adam up from wrestling each evening and seeing which houses have added their lights to the displays. Christmas is my magic as many of you know. That Jesus chose to leave royalty for me is overwhelming. And that is the heart of it. Whether he was born in December or July, is not nearly as important as the fact he was born. And that is what I celebrate, why I love the magic! So, here's to another year of The Pondering Heart poems.
In his Grip, chandra
the days between
thanksgiving ends
family goes back
leftovers are consumed
routines on track,
decorations go up
each day a few more
turkey replaced
with tinsel galore,
hustle and bustle
grumpy people seen
we can lose the magic
in the days in between,
advent means waiting
for the Savior to come
don't forget that part
when getting shopping done,
the carols, the lights, the candles
point to Christmas joy
we must never lose sight
the holiday is about the Boy . . .
~Chandra Lynn Smith, 11/29/11~

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