Monday, May 10, 2010

JustFor Today . . .Phrases

Dear Holy Friends,
Today's poem is the one I wrote for Mama in her Mother's Day card yesterday. We had a wonderful day sitting on the porch, watching the birds, talking, reading, and being catered to by my guys!

In His Grip, Chandra


Phrases we hear . . .

She did it first
It wasn't me
It's not my fault
Mommy Pleeeease
She's just lying
I told you so
It's not fair
You'll just say no
I can't sleep
I'm thirsty
I'm afraid
Mommy hold me . . .

Times changes the phrases a bit . . .

I'm grown up now
I'm on my own
Love you mother
But please let go
I've got some news
Gonna be a mom
I'll need your help
Mama can you come
Look at my baby
This tiny little hand
I could never let go
Mama, now I understand . . .
(c) Chandra Lynn Smith, 2010

any questions?

I just added this page to my blog. If you have questions about your dog and would like some easy help post it here.

Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Just For Today . . . in honor of mothers

Dear Holy Friends,
    I apologize for the hiatus. I'm back. The next week or so will be dedicated to motherhood and children growing up. I have friends who are grandparents, friends who are pregnant, friends who have a totally empty nest, and those with the nest on the verge. Reflection abounds.
In His Grip, Chandra
This poem was written 5/14/03 when my oldest was on the edge of graduation from high school.
Growing Pains
I sit here on my swing looking back over the years
they fly by fast, filled with happiness and tears.
Was is yesterday I first nursed him at my breast?
But in two weeks he takes his last final test.
How could eighteen years have gone so fast?
How can his time with us almost have passed?
Have I treasured my moments with him enough?
Did he understand the times I had to be tough?
Will he remember reading, playing, and rocking in my chair?
Will he know no matter where he goes my love is always there?
Is there more I should have done to help him go forth?
Have I done enough to show him his worth?
Father, he was entrusted to me by only You,
I trusted You to show me what to do.
Thanks for the blessing you gave in this sweet son,
All of the laughter, tears, joy, anger, and fun.
I guess after this, I have one thing left I have to do,
It's time to let him go and entrust him back to You.
Brandon Alan Smith, 24