Monday, May 10, 2010

JustFor Today . . .Phrases

Dear Holy Friends,
Today's poem is the one I wrote for Mama in her Mother's Day card yesterday. We had a wonderful day sitting on the porch, watching the birds, talking, reading, and being catered to by my guys!

In His Grip, Chandra


Phrases we hear . . .

She did it first
It wasn't me
It's not my fault
Mommy Pleeeease
She's just lying
I told you so
It's not fair
You'll just say no
I can't sleep
I'm thirsty
I'm afraid
Mommy hold me . . .

Times changes the phrases a bit . . .

I'm grown up now
I'm on my own
Love you mother
But please let go
I've got some news
Gonna be a mom
I'll need your help
Mama can you come
Look at my baby
This tiny little hand
I could never let go
Mama, now I understand . . .
(c) Chandra Lynn Smith, 2010

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