Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Just For Today . . . He Was There and He Is Here, 4/16/13

He Was There and He Is Here
the sky is gray, the air is cold                 
    matches American souls,                    
terror struck the streets once again
    tragedy took a high toll,
where was God when things fell apart
    I know many ask that today,
look closely and you will see 
    He was right there yesterday.
He was with the runners who turned back
    helping despite exhaustion,
He guided the first responders
    to help through  the confusion,
He ran some spectators to safety
    and inspired others to give aid,
He comforted broken hearted,
    and led all of us to pray.
we wrestle with fear and anger
    question why He let it happen,
and I doubt we'll know the answer
    not on this side of heaven,
it's so hard not to feel helpless
    nothing I can do it seems,
but He's also here with me now
    saying, "chandra, drop to your knees."
~Chandra Lynn Smith, 4/16/13~

Saturday, March 30, 2013

just for today . . .the day after . . .3/30/13

Dear Holy Friends,every thing make the tears start?
The day after . . . for us it is the day between Good Friday and Easter. For them, was it hopeless and forsaken?
in His grip,
Chandra Lynn Smith
The Day After
Where did they go, to whom did they turn
    did hopeless and shame in their hearts burn?
They had all run away when Jesus died,
    how did they find a place to hide?
Mary and John had stayed till the end
    were they angry at their disappearing friends?
At what point did they find comfort in each other?
    And how did they ever console his mother?
Who paced, who cried, so great was their grief,      
   how could they process all they had seen?
In those hours did they shares stories of Him?
    could they think of anything good to lesson the grim?
As the sun set on the day and Sabbath began
    Could they see any good in Jahweh's plan?
They all knew what He said would happen on the morrow
    somehow I bet that didn't help their sorrow.
So today my thoughts are all about the next day
    the horror and grief they had to face.
The cross on the hill was empty and bare
    their Savior died while they appeared not to care.
May I never take lightly the truth of this day
    I'm like they were, I still run away.
Thankfully I know it's just the end of the chapter
    and hope is still alive on this day after.
~Chandra Lynn Smith, 3/30/13~

Friday, March 29, 2013

just for today . . . sound of silence . . 3/29/13

Dear Holy Friends,
The sun is brilliant this morning. This day is so amazing in our lives. Sometimes I wish every year on Good Friday the sky would darken for the same hours it did the day He died. Just think, if it happened each year, eventually people would have to stop finding false explanations and look to the Source of it all!
in His grip,
Chandra Lynn Smith
sound of silence
Have you ever experience silence
    that makes all things dead and still?
I think that's what happened
    on top of Calvary's hill.
Jesus hung on that cross
    bearing all of my sin,
And, as He hung there dying
     no angel help entered in.
The Man who had sweet communion
    with His Father above,
Hung there in pain and silence
    with nothing but His love.
His Father had to turn away
    from all my sins He bore,
And the silence of heaven
    was like nothing ever before.
How alone He must have felt
    as His loved ones turned their backs.
Yet His love kept Him up there
    saving me kept Him on track.
The sound of silence that day
    the sound of love saving my soul.
May I never forget or reject
    such perfect love that makes me whole.
~Chandra Lynn Smith~

Thursday, March 28, 2013

just for today . . .the start of that day . . .3/28/13

Dear Holy friends,
It is cloudy here in PA today. To me that is so very appropriate for what this days is. I woke this morning thinking of the day ahead then I wondered what happened when Jesus woke on this day all of those years ago.
in His grip,
Chandra Lynn Smith
The Start of That Day
On this day how did my Savior wake?
How did He face the coming heartbreak?
How did He manage to walk through the day?
How could He face the man who would betray?
Cause I sit here dealing with my stuff,
and tell myself it's too hard, too rough.
I could wallow and pout the day away,
and not see what the cross has to say.
Mercy flowed to me and took my sin,
He hung there so I could enter in.
Grace washes over my heart and soul,
I'll not forget how He died to make me whole.
~Chandra Lynn Smith, 3/28/13~

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

just for today . . .a mother's heart . . .3/26/13

Dear Holy Friends,
During Advent we ponder Mary and Joseph and the baby. I believe historians tells us Joseph was dead by the time Jesus was crucified. That left Mary to ponder things all alone. Being a mother of four sons her heart really touches mine. How did she make it through that week, for she knew what God said about her son?
In His Grip, Chandra
the mother's heart
From the day he was born
    she pondered things,
Treasured moments and days
    filled with good things.
How quickly did the joy
    from Sunday fade?
Did she wish someone
    His place would trade?
From His first breath she'd known
    this sad day would come.
But maybe she had hoped
    God would spare His Son.
With the crowd she rejoiced
    it was God's Plan.
Her Son would make way the
    salvation of man.
She knew that week God's will
    would be done,
How hard to grasp the truth
    her Savior was her Son.
~Chandra Lynn Smith, 3/26/13~