Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Just For Today . . . He Was There and He Is Here, 4/16/13

He Was There and He Is Here
the sky is gray, the air is cold                 
    matches American souls,                    
terror struck the streets once again
    tragedy took a high toll,
where was God when things fell apart
    I know many ask that today,
look closely and you will see 
    He was right there yesterday.
He was with the runners who turned back
    helping despite exhaustion,
He guided the first responders
    to help through  the confusion,
He ran some spectators to safety
    and inspired others to give aid,
He comforted broken hearted,
    and led all of us to pray.
we wrestle with fear and anger
    question why He let it happen,
and I doubt we'll know the answer
    not on this side of heaven,
it's so hard not to feel helpless
    nothing I can do it seems,
but He's also here with me now
    saying, "chandra, drop to your knees."
~Chandra Lynn Smith, 4/16/13~

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