Friday, March 29, 2013

just for today . . . sound of silence . . 3/29/13

Dear Holy Friends,
The sun is brilliant this morning. This day is so amazing in our lives. Sometimes I wish every year on Good Friday the sky would darken for the same hours it did the day He died. Just think, if it happened each year, eventually people would have to stop finding false explanations and look to the Source of it all!
in His grip,
Chandra Lynn Smith
sound of silence
Have you ever experience silence
    that makes all things dead and still?
I think that's what happened
    on top of Calvary's hill.
Jesus hung on that cross
    bearing all of my sin,
And, as He hung there dying
     no angel help entered in.
The Man who had sweet communion
    with His Father above,
Hung there in pain and silence
    with nothing but His love.
His Father had to turn away
    from all my sins He bore,
And the silence of heaven
    was like nothing ever before.
How alone He must have felt
    as His loved ones turned their backs.
Yet His love kept Him up there
    saving me kept Him on track.
The sound of silence that day
    the sound of love saving my soul.
May I never forget or reject
    such perfect love that makes me whole.
~Chandra Lynn Smith~

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