Monday, March 25, 2013

Just For Today . . .The Shadow . . .3/25/13

Dear Holy Friends,
While I love Christmas, the magic of it all (and I don't mean the commercial part), this week each year causes me to pause and ponder in ways no other week does. Yesterday we celebrated his entry and the loud Hosannas. He entered that week knowing what was to come. Yet, he still taught and loved and cared. I wish I was more like Him.
in His grip, Chandra
The Shadow
The shadow of the cross loomed
   He saw it all of the time,
   as he walked, talked, and taught
   the cross followed behind.
Ignoring the shadow He kept on
    each step He took for us,
    showing us how to follow Him,
    teaching us how to trust.
How could he walk through that week
    without shouting of what was to come?
    How could he keep loving them-me
    stay with them instead of run?
He knew the betrayal would happen
    his beloved would run and deny,
    He also knew me and my life
    my sins were another reason to die.
I walk in the shadow of the cross
    thinking of all He did for me,
    the path He took His final week
    is why I'm saved and free.
~Chandra Lynn Snith~

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