Thursday, December 15, 2011

the pondering heart . . . on a cold, lonely night . . . 12/15/11

Dear Holy Friends,
I grew up thinking it was wrong to question God. I mean, he was the one in charge, the creator of all things, so who was I to question Him? The answer to that is I am His daughter and I have every right to question Him. I just need to understand His answer may not always make sense to me or be what I want to hear.
In His Grip, Chandra
On A Cold Lonely Night
Have you asked Him why it hurts so bad,
why so many things make you feel sad?
Have you looked to the sky in desperation,
felt prayer answers brought more frustration?
Long ago on a lonely night, stuck in a manger stall,
don't you bet Mary wanted to question it all?
Maybe Joseph stepped away and glared at the sky,
and when Mary's pain increased he asked God why?
The answer from heaven was a brightly shining star,
angels' songs, shepherds and wise men from afar.
God never told them why it went that way,
but promised His grace and mercy was there to stay.
Years later in frustration we look to the sky
shake our fists and ask God tell us why.
Wasn't it supposed to be easy, this following Him?
Why did it seem easier while still steeped in sin?
He isn't angry when you ask why its this way.
he'll just remind you his grace never strays.
His plan may be unusual, but it's always right,
just like long ago, in a barn, on a cold lonely night.
~Chandra Lynn Smith, 12/15/11~

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