Friday, December 02, 2011

the pondering heart . . . if I could ask her more . . .12/2/11

Dear Holy Friends,
This morning, I had some more questions for Mary!
In His Grip, Chandra
if I could ask her more
How did you tell Joseph,
what did you say?
Were you confident
he'd let you stay?
In his eyes
as you told the news,
did you see belief
or doubt of the truth?
Did you find comfort
in his embrace?
or was there judgment
in the set of his face?
Did you ever ask God
to pick another instead?
On your long journey
what words were said?
When the time came
and there was no room,
how did you face it
without filling with gloom?
Did the star in the sky
fill your heart with joy?
Did you realized God's presence
in your newborn little boy?
~Chandra Lynn Smith, 12/2/11~

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