Friday, December 28, 2012

Pondering Heart: Paradox

Dear Holy Friends,
I love the delivery scene in The Nativity Story when Joseph helps deliver the baby and then just breaks down and cries as they see the Baby. It is a side of the whole Christmas story I think we may sometimes skim over. This poem is for Joseph.
in His grip,



I hold a paradox

the tiny babe in my arms,

In Him prophecies come true

how can I keep him from harm?

Why am I the chosen father

of this heavenly child?

I cannot organize my thoughts

they circle and run wild.

This boy so small and helpless

is going to look up to me?

I am a poor carpenter

hardly fit for royalty.

I look at this little baby

feel fear and humility.

This is a mighty task I face

Father, I need you to help me.

And as I pray to you my God

I hold my son, Your Son.

My baby, my child, my Savior,

God may Your will be done.


~Chandra Lynn Smith~

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