Monday, December 03, 2012

Ponderign Heart: Heart Beating for Mine . . .12/3/12

Dear Holy Friends,
He came to earth for me, for you. He took on flesh for us. So many people missed it then. So many still do today. I don't want to miss it.
in his Grip,
Chandra Lynn Smith
Heart Beating for Mine
what would it be like
to hear angels sing,
see the star in the sky
to witness these things?
what if tonight
I felt peace on earth,
and finally understood
the precious baby's birth?
or would I be like them
and sleep through the night,
unaware life was changing
missing the amazing sight?
may I not wake tomorrow
finding reason to whine,
but look to the manger
where a baby's heart beats for mine.
~Chandra Lynn Smith, 11/23/12~

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