Monday, October 22, 2012

Just For Today . . .poems in all times . . .10/23/12

Dear Holy friends,
Years ago when I began Just For Today I never submitted anything that wasn't upbeat. I remember being told that there was no way I could always be that up all of the time. To those of you who said that, you were right. The fact that all my poems were up didn't mean I always was. I know I haven't submitted as many poems in the past two years. I aim to do a little better in the days to come. Please know this, there is a little of me in every poem I write. But many time a poem is entirely written for someone I know in something they face. Recently, I haven't written as many new poems, for many reasons.
Please do not read my words and worry. If you are led to pray for me, always follow that lead as I do for you. But when you read my poems, read them and listen for what God is saying to you. I fully believe each poem I write is from Him to someone who needs it. That's why I send them out to so many people.
Have a blessed week.
In his grip, Chandra
poems in all times
what happens when the poems don't come
do you just put the pens away?
or do you force yourself to write
and find them anyway?
maybe they didn't really leave
they just changed,
and in the sad places of your heart
the words got rearranged.
but what of people who read
the uplifting things you write?
will they understand some words
come from dark times, not light?
illness, death, betrayals come
at some point in each life,
without the dark of the valleys we face
we'd not enjoy the light.
give the dark places a chance
to work wonders in your heart,
and realize it's in our hard times
some of the best poems start.
some will read these words and
wonder if I'm okay,
others will read them and know
I wrote for them today.
I always write from things in my heart
things I think, feel, or see,
wonder not the source of my words,
just let God use them to help you be free.
Chandra Lynn Smith, 10/23/12

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