Thursday, August 09, 2012

Just For Today . . . in the darkness . . . 8/10/12

Dear Holy friends,
Dry spells . . . we all have them. While I have been writing much recently, I have not sent my poetry out. I've been dealing with my own dry spell. The thing is I know some others who are too. A marriage ended, a relationship got nasty, a beloved pet died, a baby died, a pregnancy ended, a prodigal struggled, a lady miscarried, a mother died, a father died . . . and the list goes on. For me, writing the darkness is not an option, it is a necessity. This morning I felt led to share this with you all.
In The Darkness
writing in the darkness is tough
makes it hard to see,
without any light on things
there's no poetry.
the darkness wraps tentacles
around heart and soul,
thoughts and words won't organize
heartache takes its toll,
but writing in the darkness
is the only way,
to make sense of the senseless
and get through the day.
my soul feels the dark right now
and gets weighted down,
and writing in the pain is
crying without sound.
and somewhere in the darkness
is a ray of light.
words written on the pages
help to make it right.
one day darkness will retreat
allowing room for light,
and pages filled with sorrow
helped within the fight.
~Chandra Lynn Smith, 8/9/12~

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