Tuesday, December 04, 2012

Pondering Heart: Joy of Heaven . . .12/4/12

Dear Holy Friends,
Our scripture for the first Advent candle this week was from Luke when Gabriel appeared to Mary. I have been thinking about that this week as I look for depth of Christmas inside me. This morning I though about Gabriel's mission.
in His grip,
Joy of Heaven
Think of the excitement
heaven filled with tension,
something about to happen
beyond their comprehension.
Gabriel given a mission
to a virgin named Mary,
no one fully grasped
the message that he carried.
Were the angels surprised
at what God had planned?
did they think humans worthy
to receive the Son of Man?
Gabriel delivered
the message to the girl
one single act that
forever changed the world.
And as I savor the season
the miracle of God's love
I hope my celebration
please those in heaven above.
~Chandra Lynn Smith, 12/4/12~

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