Monday, December 24, 2012

Pondering Heart: Not Here, Not Now

Dear Holy Friends,
There was a nice frost on the ground this morning, and the pond had a sheen of ice. Aah . . . that looks like Christmas. We may have flurries tonight and tomorrow. Aah, again. The peace that no one can explain but only happens on Christmas is covering my household. I LOVE Christmas Eve!
in His grip,
Not Here, Not Now
Not here, not now,
I just want to be at home,
it's not time, cannot be,
just Joseph and me alone.
Why a stable,not even a room
is there really nowhere to stay?
Thought we'd be home in time,
but the pains started today.
Not here, not now,
not a barn instead of my home,
did we do wrong Father God,
why are we alone?
I'm scared Lord, it hurts Lord,
can't say I understand you,
my faith is big but my trust is small
I'm weary, I cannot remember what to do.
. . . not here, not now . . .
~Chandra Lynn Smith ~

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