Thursday, December 13, 2012

Pondering Heart: Don't Miss the Night

Dear Holy Friends,
I wonder how bogged down people are right about now. I am listening to Faith Hill sing "A Baby Changes Everything" right now and I pray that all who are hearing that song at this moment have paused to think about its meaning. I pray we don't miss the night.
in His grip,
Don't Miss The Night
The night was dark
the air was cold,
no one could know
what the hours hold.
A quiet town
filled with guests,
all they needed
a good night's rest.
And while they slept
their world would change,
salvation's plan
did rearrange.
Two tired people
would become three,
a stable stall
made history.
How many missed
their Savior's birth,
so busy with life
they lost its worth?
I hope we won't miss
the Holy Night,
our Savior's birth
that makes life right.
~Chandra Lynn Smith, 11/27/12~

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