Friday, December 24, 2010

Pondering Hearts . . . What Have I Done?

Dear Holy Friends,
I remember a rattle trap motel in Two Guns, Arizona. My Daddy wanted to get a few more miles in before we stopped for the night. So, we did. And, at Two Guns, there was one motel and a pizza place. I remember how much fun it was to get to eat pizza in our motel room- something my parents never let us do. I also remember Momma not allowing us to take baths that night because of the filth in the bathroom that night- something else we never got to do. This motel was disgusting, and most likely a very dangerous lace for a family of five.
And, then there was Mary, in labor, weary, and the innkeeper had to turn them away. I often wonder how he felt? What did his wife say about him offering a stable to the couple?
In His Grip, Chandra

. . . because there was no room for them in the inn . . .

Luke 2:7



What Have I Done?


                                            What have I done, it feels wrong?

                                    I have a feeling this night will be long.

                                    They looked so weary, especially his wife,

                                    Will I regret this the rest of my life?


                                    She looked like the babe could come this night,

                                    giving them the stable probably wasn't right.

                                    But isn't that better than leaving them in the cold?

                                    Right now I just feel mean and old.


                                    Then on top of it all they thanked me,

                                    for providing a place so measly.

                                    Something tells me this is an important night,

                                    as important as that new star shining bright.


                                    I will go check and be sure all is well,

                                    one day this may be a story that I tell.

                                    I'll tell about the full town and the two who stood out,

                                    whose presence changed me of that there is no doubt.
~Chandra Lynn Smith~

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