Saturday, December 25, 2010

Pondering Hearts . . . Fingers and Toes

Dear Holy Friends,
I have been sitting in my Granny's old victorian love seat beside the Christmas tree since before daybreak. The tree, the candles, the fire in the fireplace, the coffee, and my dog at my feet . . .aahh! Merry Christmas everyone.
In His Grip, Chandra

Fingers and Toes


Ten fingers, ten toes,

dark hair, crinkled nose,

tiny feet, soft skin,

dark eyes, tiny chin,

sleeping peacefully, crying loud,

beautiful baby, parents proud.


Baby's breathing, pounding heart,

perfect child, joy starts,

baby noises, bright eyes,

tiny movements, contented sighs,

sleep interrupted, time compressed,

life enriched, family blessed.


Every parent feels this way,

long ago and still today,

Holy night in a manger stall,

God on earth in a babe small,

I bet his mother kissed His nose

and counted fingers and tiny toes.


~Chandra Lynn Smith~

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