Saturday, December 11, 2010

Pondering Heart . . . Facing The Future

Dear Holy Friends,
I am enjoying the fire and the light coating of snow on the ground this morning and I just listened to the MeryMe song, Joseph's Lullaby. What a lovely song. This poem comes from that place.
In His Grip,
Facing the Future
They sat at the edge of town
neither ready to go home,
each selfishly wanting
to keep this moment for their own.
After wrestling their own thoughts
a few angel visits passed,
Mary and Joseph stood
facing their families at last.
Each step took them closer
there was no way to turn back,
I look at them  and know
their kind of faith I lack.
I sit here awaiting Christmas
celebrating His arrival on earth,
but fear maybe I often miss
the miracle behind His birth.
I look at Mary and Joseph
following God's unbelievable plan,
and realize I would do well
to imitate this woman and this man.
Chandra Lynn Smith, 12/11/10

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