Friday, December 03, 2010

Pondering Hearts . . . December 3,2010

Dear Holy Friends,
I apologize for starting my Pondering heart series two days late. I have been trying to write some new poems to go with the old ones for this season. So, in the days to come, I will do my best to post every day, even weekends, with the series of Christmas poetry. Today's is an old one to get us started.
Note: All poetry is written by me and should not be reproduced.
In his Grip, Chandra Lynn Smith

A Heart That Ponders


Within my mind are words and phrases

my heart holds things deep.

Memories, and joys, and problems

often I lose sleep.

My head is full of questions 

many thoughts to ponder.

Mary pondered things in her heart

and that fills me with wonder.

I think of  people we read about

in the life of our Lord.

I wish to chat with each of them

and write down every word.

As we start this season of love

and prepare for the Savior's birth,

I shall ponder His birth to resurrection

how in me God sees such worth.


~Chandra Lynn Smith~


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