Thursday, January 27, 2011

Just For Today . . . Thankls of Rocks and Man

Dear Holu friends,
I actually have a rock collection. Used to collect them on every family trip. The rocks are labeled and my sons have used them in science projects over the years. I love sparkly rocks! Momma reminded me how I used to go to sleep at night with a special rock under  my pillow and she dare not move it or I would be distraught. Maybe it was my little girl reminder to thank God?
In his Grip, Chandra
Thanks of Rocks and Man
What happened today
    that took away your smile?
Did you look to God
    and shout questions of why?
Or maybe the day
    was the best it could be.
Did you look upward
    thankful for everything?
The truth is we should
    praise God no matter what.
Whether good or bad
    thankfulness is the start.
Jesus said praise always
    so His glory shines through.
And if you fail to
    rocks will do it for you.
So, today trust in Him
    in the midst of each thing.
Offer a thankful heart
    and He'll give reason to sing.
~Chandra Lynn Smith, 1/26/11~

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