Sunday, January 02, 2011

Just For Today . . . on new year's

dear Holy Friends,
    New year's is one of those holidays that is either all or nothing, I think. Some see it as the perfect opportunity to start with a clean slate. Others see it as another reason to wonder why bother. Of course, then there are those who just see it as a reason to get drunk. I use it for reflection and hope the things I did well last year I can repeat, and the things I messed up I won't. Happy New Year.
In His Grip, Chandra
            on new year's
The year dawns with hope and joy and plans
    it will be better than the last one
        everyone is bound to say.
The revelry, the cheers and the fun
    something about new year is hopeful
        the chance for a better way.
We move forward into the next year
    leaving old cares and worries behind
        all we want is a new start.
But life isn't like the calendar
    trials not bound by dates and years
      life is gonna hold some dark.
 The tough times we face and struggle through
    do not have to ruin and destroy
        place them in the Master's hands.
As artists or tapestries all know
    black paint highlights, outlines, and defines
       dark will bring the beauty through.
I could wish you only happiness 
    a year without sadness or pain
        but would that be best for you?
Our Father knows what is best for us
    if we entrust our lives to his care
        His love will carry us through.
~Chandra Lynn Smith, 1/1/11~

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