Monday, January 24, 2011

Just For Today . . . On Rocks #1

Dear Holy Friends,
I was doing some reading this weekend and ended up searching out references to rocks. The thing is there are both good and bad things I find. This week we're going to have a look at them. Sin ensnares us, sometimes it sneaks up and catches us unaware, other times we walk willingly into it. But, always there is grace and mercy when we run from it. And, when we judge someone else for their sin, we would do well to see Jesus as He wrote in the dirt.
In his Grip, Chandra
On Rocks #1
standing in the circle
clenching it in their hands
ready to wing it hard
knowing where it should land . . .
crouching, afraid, alone
she braces for the onslaught
unsure where exactly he went
she just knows she was caught . . .
Jesus drew in the sand slowly
and spoke words for us all
the one without sin go first
that's how she will fall . . .
look at the rocks we hold
remember sins of our own
see her worried eyes, ponder
at the grace Jesus shows . . .
drop our rocks on the ground
and reach in love to her
find the meaning of forgiveness
mercy makes sin just a blur . . .
wherever you are today
throwing rocks or in the sin
Jesus offers the only way
His perfect love casts out sin . . .
so run to Him arms outstretched
dropping rocks to the ground
mercy at the foot of the cross
grace in Him always found . . .
~Chandra Lynn Smith, 1/24/11~

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