Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Just For Today . . . Chambers of the Soul . . .10/26/10

Dear Holy friends,
    Once again I find myself apologizing for not sending the poems out as often. I have so many poems dancing around in my head. I need to catch them and write them down and sahre. I shall endeavor to do better at sending my poems out. I will mix old ones and new. So, in the days to come you will see familiar ones as well as new.
In His Grip. Chandra

Chambers of The Soul


Every heart has chambers

    regulating blood flow,

within the human heart

    are chambers of the soul.

Some chambers are closed tight

    wounds and hurts reside there.

Some are filled with love and joy

    we guard them with care.

There are chambers buried deep

    holding things fears and regret.

Others are empty and open

    awaiting what has not happened yet.

Cherish and protect the chambers

    each is a part of the whole.

There is a poem within every life

    written in the chambers of the soul.


Chandra Lynn Smith

"we owe our readers fresh words to describe the rain" ~By Cunning and Craft, pg 28~

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