Thursday, September 23, 2010

Just For Today . . . Heaven Touched Earth . . . 9/23/10

Dear Holy Friends,
    Yesterday we had some wild thunderstorms move through here. For a while Adam and I watched the lightning with wonder. Then it got very close. The wind blew so strong it almost knocked me over. So we went inside. Later, after the storm ended there were trees down all over everywhere. Today on the other hand is hot, clear, and beautiful. It's summer's way of teasing me that fall arrived yesterday! But this poem just seems to fit . . .
In his grip, Chandra Lynn Smith



    There are days now and then

            when bits of heaven touch earth,

                    when you know without a doubt

                            all created thing have worth.

      On a day like this

            the sun shines more brilliant light,

                       the sky is a richer shade of blue,

                             clouds are radiant white.

        The birds and the crickets sound joyous

               calling you to join the song,

                         the gentle breeze makes you wish

                               this would last all week long.

         When God blesses you with this day

                 enjoy its simple bliss,

                           turn your face heavenward

                                    receive God's holy kiss.

                                                        ~ (c)Chandra Lynn Smith~

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